Actors are like warriors, we work in different, difficult circumstances: Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya


For actor Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya, venturing out to shoot throughout the Covid-19 pandemic has not been very scarry. In fact, she not only shot in India, but also travelled abroad for a reality show.
“When you are an actor, you are almost like a warrior or soldier during this pandemic. We work in very difficult and different circumstances. I am generally born with that mentality, main darrti nahi hoon. I don’t say no because I am scared of any situation, that’s a personal thing. Main darr ko apne upar haavi nahi hone deti hoon,” says the 37-year-old, who recently also shot for the music video Babul Da Vehra in Punjab.
Dahiya, however, adds that her decision to shoot out amid the pandemic wasn’t without it’s share of apprehensions, on her family’s part.
She says, “Family ke liye difficult tha, letting me go, especially for my reality show in South Africa. Everyone said go, but after a point of time, including my husband Vivek (Dahiya), sabko darr lag raha tha ki ‘humne galti toh nahi kar di’ The cases were coming up in the country and in Africa. We kept very safe. It is important to remember this condition amid the pandemic is similar for everyone . You can’t sit at home scared, and not do what you are supposed to do. Otherwise both personal and country’sdevelopment will lag.”
Thankfully, while shooting in December for her music video, the actor says it was not a pandemic like situation there.
“We were on the outskirts of Patiala, we were wearing our masks. It was very secluded, I don’t think Covid will be able to reach there. The air was so clean, the food was the purest. My reality show a danger. I have shot a lot,” she signs off.

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