E-Library: The beginning of a new revolution


The era of learning and teaching is becoming digital. Along with this, the trend of e-library is spreading very fast in the country. Recently a private digital library has been launched to support the Digital India initiative and increase the reach of e-content across the country. This digital library is also in line with the objectives of the new education policy of the country. Established by a large publishing company, Digital Library aims to provide a comprehensive digital learning solution to various educational institutions, teachers and learners in the country. The library will offer e-book collections and a wide range of digital content across a range of disciplines. More than 4000 e-book titles have been collected in this library. This will help in meeting the growing demand for quality resources and make India a global study destination. Digital Library aims to offer accurate quality content using built-in analytics. This easy Learning Management System (LMS) integration for educational institutions will leverage single-sign-on access for students and teachers, meaning they can access products with a single credential in the college system, instead of requiring a separate login can. Based on the cloud and over IP subscription model, it will help institutions move to digital and increase cost efficiency by making significant savings on physical infrastructure. Designed with the new education policy in mind, this digital library will also act as a one-stop, digital handy repository for students, giving them the freedom to learn on the go with hassle-free study material anytime, anywhere. Will get During the Corona epidemic, the National Digital Library of India has emerged as the first choice of students in the studies being done at home. It was prepared by the Ministry of Education, Government of India after the first wave of corona in the country.
At the same time it is being run by the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. The special thing is that so far more than 60 lakh students have registered in this library, which was prepared last year. About two lakh documents are being used for studies every day from this library. This number is increasing continuously. Along with this, registration is mandatory to use the platform of this library. In such a situation, so far about 60 lakh children are registered here, while about 32 lakh students are active in this library. In this, knowledge of 73 crore studies related documents or books is available, out of which 60-70% material is completely free. Although there is no charge for the use of any book or document belonging to this library, the remaining around 30 percent of the material is available on subscription. In such a situation, children can use around six crore books from here at any time. Books from primary to post graduation are available in this library. Along with this, books are also available for students to teachers, researchers, librarians and other professionals. The content or material found here is in the form of thesis apart from audio, video, documents and books. Reading has become increasingly screen-based in the digital age. E-library means that digital library or digital library, where we do not have to go physically and we can use this library 24 hours 365 days and can get study material according to us.
E-library means a library where information and study material are accessed digitally. In this library, we can get information and study material according to our needs at any time by sitting anywhere in any corner of the country through computer or Android mobile through internet connection. In other words, it can be said that e-library is part of e-library to get many types of information and knowledge of different areas through electronic means or sources like computer, mobile, TV, radio etc. All level wise learning materials are made available in the e-library. In this, every type of material is available from the primary level to the higher level and also for the researchers. E-library makes research work very easy because through this all kinds of learning and research related information and written articles reach the learners very easily. For learning or acquiring knowledge through e-library, some medium is required, such as computer, mobile phone, multi-media networking etc. With the help of all these, e-library has become very simple and easy. E-library is a form of online library. It is extremely useful for those who are short of time. These people have the facility to read books online. In this they do not even need to turn the pages. Governments should work to develop e-library facility and come forward for funding. It is a boon for students in schools, colleges, universities. With the e-library, you get information about the new books that have come in the market. You get to know about the new book of your favorite author. In these online libraries, you will be able to read books ranging from science, economics, political science to Hindi novels.
There are many online libraries where you can write book reviews. This gives you an idea about which book to buy. Just a few days back, an online book club has been started on the social networking site. This application named 'Weered' will be present on many social networking sites. Through this you can share information related to books with your friends. In this you have the advantage of being able to create your own catalogue. On the other hand, talking to like-minded people about books also increases your knowledge. Through this, special material becomes available to the people associated with research while sitting at home. For this they do not have to go to the library and various places. Also, detailed information is available about a particular subject. Many online libraries give you references to sites to collect information about a topic. Also, according to the subject and topic, the names of the books of the authors of that subject are given so that you do not have to inquire from different people about which book to read for a particular subject. For people who are fond of books, online ie e-library is no less than a gift. In today's era, the use of all means of learning associated with digital mode will keep us ahead of the competition. 5G is about to start. The spread of e-library will usher in a new revolution in e-learning for all of us. We will be more powerful with more knowledge.
(Writer is a Retired Principal & Educationist. Views expressed are personal)

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