CRPF IG, Swami Yagyadharanand visit Shri Bawa Kailakh Dev temple


JAMMU, Jan 17: CRPF IG Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh and Swami Yagyadha-ranand ji, Secteary Ramkrishna Paramhans Mission, Udeywala, Jammu bowed their heads at Shri Bawa Kailakh Dev Temple Raipur thather and took blessings of Shri Bawa Kailakh Dev ji. CRPF IG Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh and Swami ji prayed for peace, harmony and prosperity in the country. On this occasion, Mahant Rohit Shastri, President of Shri Kailakh Jyotish avim Vedic Sansthan Trust, presented him a self-written book 'Nagdevtaoon ki Mahima' on behalf of the Trust.
On this occasion, CRPF IG Dr.Vijay Kumar Singh said that in our country, respect is given to all the animals as they are responsible for the balance of nature. This balance gets disturbed due to the lack of any one. In Sanatan Dharma, Nagdevtas have been considered to be revered since ancient times. All Nagdevtas are also an integral part of our society. That is why human beings should protect the Nagdevtas and they should not be harassed without any reason.
Swami Yagyadha-ranand ji said that our scriptures have described Nagdevtas as an integral friend of human beings in thousands of examples. Therefore, let us take a pledge that we will not kill Nagdevtas in any way. Will give up cruelty towards them, they sometimes bite by mistake to protect their life, their nature is not attacking, science says that more than 80 percent of snakes do not contain venom. So there is a need for this integral of nature and our to save a friend.
Mahant Rohit Shastri said that it is clearly known from mythology, folklore and legends that Nagdevtas have been beneficial to mankind in every way, if we pay attention to other examples, plots or episodes from the Vedic period till today. There will be many such examples which show human cruelty towards Nagdevtas. There is no such story anywhere in any corner of India from which it can be said that Nagdevtas have once frightened mankind. Today's science also calls upon farmers, villagers, social institutions and intellectuals to take measures to protect Nagdevtas. During this Swami Sunishchilanand ji, Dr. Sanjay Mishr etc were present.

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