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In view of the third wave of Covid pandemic, India has extended the period of ban on international flights to February 28. However, the costly and limited option with air bubbles will continue for 30 countries. It may be recalled that international flights were first banned on March 23, 2020, when the cases of Covid had started surfacing and the lockdown came into force in the country. Before Omicron's knock, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had intended to allow foreign flights on December 15, 2021, but then this date had to be postponed indefinitely. Now the suspension of foreign flights till February 28 indicates that it may take a few more months for the hospitality and tourism industry to recover. The country's economy is also adversely affected due to the closure of foreign flights. But nothing could be done. For the same reason, this time again no foreign guest will be the chief guest in the Republic Day parade. Last year also, the parade was held without any foreign dignitary.
There is definitely a situation of concern in the country due to the third wave of Covid, but there is no need to panic. The Omicron variant spreads very fast, but the cases of death from it are not the same as last time. Most of the patients who have died are those who had some comorbidities. The virus of concern was first reported in South Africa. There, its cases started decreasing only after three weeks, and a similar situation is presently in India also. The cases of Omicron started increasing suddenly in big cities, but now the rate of infection is gradually coming down. Considering this trend, it seems that the rate of infection caused by the Omicron variant will subside in the next few weeks. If no new variants emerge, there is a possibility that life will start getting back on track. But this does not mean that the protocol of Covid should be taken lightly. Good days will return soon only when everyone will wear masks, wash hands and keep a safe distance from others. It is also expected to avoid travel if not necessary. Rather, do not venture out from houses.
The truth is that there is no exclusive and effective treatment for Covid so far, hence only the symptoms are treated. If there is a fever, then its medicine is given and if the Oxygen level goes down, then the patient is put on an Oxygen support system. Omicron cases are on the rise, but hospitalisation is not needed as it was with the Delta variant. The hospitals became full only after having half the number of cases of Covid last year. Thankfully, most of the cases are now coming from Omicron, not Delta.

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