Kubbra Sait on current Covid crisis: There is so much uncertainty around travelling, a certain stigma attached


Travelling forms a major part of any actor’s career. Be it a professional commitment or shooting, they are constantly on the go.
And when the Covid pandemic struck, naturally all such plans got impacted too.
With travel having resumed though, Kubbra Sait managed a quick one day trip to the Capital for a prior commitment.
Ask her how does it feel to travel amid so much uncertainty, with the Omicron variant beginning to sound like trouble, she says, “9/11 changed the way we travelled.
If you talk to people in the 1970s or early 2000s, they will say travel was easy back then. It was a huge shift for the human mind.
Similarly, (due to pandemic) there is a certain stigma attached ‘what if I go to a place and I am stuck there’ In that sense, there has been uncertainty. That’s something I am getting used to myself.”
The 38-year-old, who was seen in the international show Foundation this year, says the constantly changing rules have definitely impacted work too.
“It is funny that when you have to walk into a mall, you have to show you are doubly vaccinated. When I was going to land in Delhi, they said the mandates have changed, no the way back to Mumbai we now need an RTPCR test. I have connections, but not so much that I get it within a day!
Then when I got here, there were again changes made. When I went to Alibaug, we were told without double vaccination you can’t board a jetty. These are strange times we are living in,” adds the actor, who battled Covid recently.
Sharing her experience, she says, “Covid as we know it, has become a reality more than ever. There is no dodging it no more. So, when I happened to test positive the first thing I realised is that I couldn’t eat a slice of bread.
My temperature was high and my skin was wearing down, so what I did was, sleep in. A lot of sleeping in happened. I had fever for 2 full days and then it started to ease out. The ordeal lasted for 5 days in total, but give your body the patience and love it requires.”
But what she did make sure was making the most of the one day travel she got to do earlier. She indulged herself in the famous Delhi dishes, and the most important of them all: butter chicken.
She confesses that she didn’t think too highly of it until now, “Like North Indians don’t understand South Indian dosa. Then I got the chance to understand the history behind this dish, and how it was done to not waste food.
It was such a cool idea. I had it at a restaurant, and I was licking my fingers! I had a new found respect for it, that this is why this dish is the most sought after in the whole world.”

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