Coffeee 9 goes international


JAMMU: Coffeee 9, the brand of "Rp9 Hospitality LLP" an Indian coffee café chain now goes International with their 4th café at VOI, Kenya . Coffeee 9 already have three cafes in J&K, India. One at Gandhi Nagar, Second at Parade and Third at Domail, Katra. The café in Kenya was inaugurated on 28th of May by the noted business personality of Kenya , Mr Jamal Din Shafi and many noted personality were present there including Deputy Governor of the county, Taita Taveta. Voi is the largest city in Taita-Taveta County in southern Kenya.
Coffeee 9, brand of RP9 Hospitality LLP, is a J&K based coffee venture that is founded by its Managing Director & CEO, Rahil Gupta in 2012 with a vision to make it a top class International brand. Director Sumit Mishra is the co - founder of the company. Rahil Gupta, Managing Director, RP9 Hospitality LLP has also been nominated for Entrepreneur award by IBSAA for bringing on the ventures like Coffeee 9, CrossTown News etc.
To celebrate the success of their International launch, Coffeee 9 has announced the "The champions trophy discount bonanza", in which discounts are given upto 50 percent, depending upon different categories like runs scored, wickets taken, Century scored, total runs of the team, run rate of the team etc.

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