Being a country of youth India is full of hope


India is a country full of diversity, but it has now got the distinction of being a country with the largest number of youth in the world. The country is bubbling with 440 million youth. No other nation in the world has such a huge young population. These include young people who were born between 1981 and 1996. In US style, they are termed as Millennials. Most of these boys and girls have been born in the midst of the technological transformation of the country and almost all of them are aware of the new lifestyle associated with the smartphone and fast speed automobiles, be it the youth of the rural areas or the townsfolk. Of course the urban youth use all kinds of gadgets. Social media is the super connector and it keeps them busy all the time, whether it's work or leisure time. There may be many shortcomings in the new generation, but the merits are also not less. Whatever progress is being made in today's era and new technology is coming, behind it all is the innovative thinking of the new generation. Google (Alphabet) CEO Sundar Pichai is very impressed with this quality of the youth, and says that "the new generation is leading the changes in the world".
Google is a company with lots of young employees and a positive thinking environment where they only talk about the possibilities. It has a culture of looking at the positive side of things and never losing hope. Actor and filmmaker Satish Kaushik also said in one of his interviews that "the new generation filmmakers work on new themes and they understand the value of time". However, engineering students are least interested in sports. This fact has come out from a latest survey. Sports and gym are not even mentioned in the top 10 hobbies of these students. Stanford University of USA conducted a survey of hobbies of students from 167 technical institutes in US, China, Russia and India, in which new information about engineering students came to the fore. A similar survey was also conducted by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). About 90 thousand students took part in it. Their top three hobbies include learning something new, reading and watching documentary films on YouTube.
The first 10 hobbies that emerged, in order of preference for engineering youth include - learning new things, reading, watching online documentaries, gardening, tourism, painting, cycling, cooking, online games and photography. Meanwhile, Tennis champion Rafael Nadal said on the Australian Open TV stage that "After every tournament I try to discover myself and for this I often go on sea voyages. I find immense peace and energy in the midst of the ocean. When I come back after spending some time in the sea, I find it easier to balance life. I have to save my energy for practice. That's why I don't waste my energy by getting entangled in useless things. To get success, it is necessary to put your energy in the right place. I find my energy in the ocean, you can find it somewhere else. Find the source of energy and put it in the right place, your success is certain".
(Writer is a senior journalist & columnist. Twitter @NarvijayYadav)

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