Skipping breakfast frequently can lead to these side-effects


We all may be guilty of skipping breakfast on some days especially when we wake up late or simply because we don't feel like eating in morning at times.
But being a frequent offender could impact our overall health leading to weight gain, increased food cravings, slow metabolism and lower immunity over a period of time.
Studies have linked skipping breakfast to higher levels of mortality and cholesterol levels'; regular breakfast eaters have better cognitive function, academic performance, reduced incidence of food cravings, improved satiety among other things. A 2015 study published in Physiology & Behavior found that not eating breakfast could lead to increase in concentrations of free cortisol in the body, which suggests that skipping breakfast is a stressful event.
From weight gain to low immunity, here are all the health troubles you might be inviting when you do not eat your breakfast on time and have your first meal in the afternoon, as explained by Dr Ashit Bhagwati, Honorary Consultant In Internal Medicine and Honorary Academic Director ICU at Bhatia Hospital Mumbai.
Weight gain: Since the body is already starving all through the night, by avoiding breakfast your body will start to crave for sugary and fatty food.
High BP, headache and dizziness: Not having breakfast can cause migraine, headaches or dizziness as sugar levels in the body are low and can also lead to hypoglycaemia. One may also notice a sudden rise in blood pressure which in turn causes headaches and migraine. Slow metabolism: Long hours of not eating can reduce the body capacity to burn calories which in turn leads to fat accumulation.
Poor nutrition: You deprive your body of essential nutrients as skipping breakfast may cause your body to have inadequate amount of nutrients. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels: Not eating breakfast can affect your blood sugar levels and keep you hungrier and angrier all at once. Your metabolism wakes up when you eat on time and aids in burning more calories. Low energy: No breakfast means no energy to the body which the organs require so they can function well.
Low immunity: Your immunity goes down as longer hours of fasting damage the cells lowering the immunity.
Acidity: Levels of acidity increases.

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