Creatures in Distress


Earth’s environment has come to the fore in the form that rare species of fauna and flora are becoming extinct. Those who survive are in danger of existence. It is not that this danger is looming only on the creatures living on the land, the sea creatures and the flora there are also battling this crisis. Obviously, in such a situation, the biggest challenge is not only to save the rare species, but also to save them. It is also necessary to protect species that may be threatened with existence in the future. However, to protect the fauna of the earth, there have been campaigns like wildlife conservation programs and biodiversity conservation all over the world for a long time. Most of the countries have also run similar programs here. But the rapid extinction of many species of wildlife and aquatic life raises questions about such programs. The importance of flora and fauna is important for the earth's environment and life cycle. Not only is it necessary to keep it balanced, it is also very important in the sense that the secret of the origin of life on earth may be hidden somewhere in them! In the context of India, the wildlife wealth here is also not small. As a result of the diversity of India's geographical location, there are few countries in the world as many species of wildlife and plants are found here. Then the forest area of India is also not less. Obviously, we are fortunate in terms of forest wealth as well. but the last fewOver the decades, all these have been clouded by crisis in some way or the other.
Therefore, the big question is how to save them, so that in the coming times, the flora and fauna of our earth do not start reaching the verge of extinction. Similar fresh concern is being seen from Assam. The grasslands in Kaziranga National Park are getting destroyed. This is creating problems for the one-horned rhinoceros, elephants and other animals. This can be called a new kind of environmental crisis. This area is getting filled with weeds which are like grass.It destroys the plains. Due to this the problem of fodder for the wildlife has started deepening. Now the officials looking after the Kanjiranga Sanctuary have planned to eliminate them. Although such a problem is natural, but it should be solved immediately. Otherwise, it will not take long to have an impact on Kaziranga's wildlife wealth. The reasons for the emergence of such poisonous plants in forests and sanctuaries are natural and environmental, but it is not that such problems cannot be solved. government for the protection of wildlifeThere is no dearth of projects at the level. But the pace at which the work is going in this direction, it seems that the governments do not want to include all such work in priority. Perennial species of poisonous plants are coming to the fore. But arrangements should have been made for their disposal in time. This case of Kaziranga seems to have come to the fore when the situation started getting serious. Forest management and wildlife conservation demand a lot of attention and work, which we seem to be lacking here.
(Writer is a Retired Principal & Educationist. Views expressed are personal)

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