I was asked to remove a mole from my face, but I refused: Isha Koppikar

You’ve got to embrace your imperfections. I am very happy with the way I am made -- Isha


Isha Koppikar Narang has been busy balancing her personal life with her work and also focussing on her fitness goals.
Although she understands that being a part of showbiz demands that you look a certain way, the actress hopes never to give in to the temptations of cosmetic surgery.
Like other actresses, she too has been under scrutiny for her looks. Talking about one such incident, she says, I was asked to remove my mole, but I refused. I said that if Cindy Crawford has it in the middle of her face, why can’t I have it on my nose? God has given me something and made me like this for a reason. Why should I play around with it?”
The actress adds, “Nowadays, people in their 20s go in for surgeries. It’s crazy to know all the stuff girls put into their skin in a bid to delay ageing.
You’ve got to embrace your imperfections. I am very happy with the way I am made.”
In a previous chat with us, the actress appreciated the change in the industry for the better in the past few years. She said, “There is a lot more for actors and actresses to do, including social media engagement.
Two decades ago, people didn’t know what was happening in our lives beyond what they saw of us on screens. You could not talk about your relationship and marriage, but things have changed and that’s great.”
Welcoming the change of attitude towards actresses today, she said, “Earlier, actresses had to pander to their hero and director’s ego, but today’s generation means business.
They no longer come with a shelf life, provided they are talented. If it’s only about the way you look, then it won’t work because you are as old as your arteries, eventually.
You can regress 15 years, but you can’t expect to be 16 all your life.”

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