Grief of the Elderly


Generally, Governments have to make special plans, separate measures are taken in families to make life easier and take care of the elderly in almost all societies. But it is also true that many people who have reached old age sometimes have to suffer neglect at the hands of their near and dear ones. In such a situation, one can only imagine the situation in which elderly people suffering from multi-layered difficulties may also become victims of amnesia or hallucinations. got more difficult in its last round life of elders Families who see even normal old age as a burden are often unable to exercise sufficient sensitivity towards their own elderly member who is surrounded by this problem. While the positive and sensitive attitude of the family or person can infuse life into an old person who is suffering from amnesia.
But due to lack of sensitivity or training at the behavioral level, the life of the elderly becomes more difficult in their last phase due to the wider social problem. more than one crore people prone to amnesia Significantly, a research conducted by several prestigious universities around the world, including the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, has told that in the coming years, more than one crore people of sixty years or more in India will be at risk of dementia. There is a possibility of getting hit. According to a study published in the German Nature Public Health Emergency Collection, by the year 2050, the number of people above the age of sixty years in the total population of India will be about nineteen percent. angry with kids Elder gave property worth 1.5 crores to Yogi Sarkar, said- family should not attend the funeral. If more than one crore elderly people fall victim to the problem of amnesia, then what kind of tragedy their social and personal life will be a victim of on a large scale, it can only be guessed.
Although artificial intelligence was used for the first time in India for such a study. Thus, in the era of continuous increase in the capacity of modern technology, the assessment of artificial intelligence or intelligence cannot be considered reliable. It is used, but it is yet to be clear whether through it more analytical results can be achieved than the conscience and intelligence of man! Actually, the problem of forgetting about something or something arises within the elderly suffering from amnesia. It also makes it difficult for a severely disturbed old person to recognize the person standing in front of him. But in families where there are people who are able to show enough respect, love and sensitivity towards the elders, no The physical and mental health of an old person remains better.
Sometimes the frustration and pain arising out of lack of care and sensitivity put the elderly in the vicious cycle of many psychological problems untimely. Then there is the problem of the traditional belief that one should take more rest as one grows older. Of course, taking care of the limits and capabilities of the body is an essential aspect. But the truth is that it is possible to stay healthy with the help of identification of the sources of the problem, better eating habits as well as physical and mental activity or exercise etc. And it is equally important for the people of growing age. If such conditions are created, in which arrangements are made to keep the everyday life of the elderly happy and healthy, then not only they can be saved from difficulties like memory loss, but the society and the country will also get the benefit of their long life experiences.
(Writer is a Retired Principal & Educationist. Views expressed are personal)

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