Should marks in exams be affected by handwriting of students


Should handwriting be considered for awarding marks in exams Students are always advised to work on improving their handwriting in schools. In fact, they are provided cursive writing books, writing excercise and even during vacations practicing writing on daily basis is included in students holiday homework. But, why so much value is given to handwriting in students' life? The conflict arises when people start comparing or even criticizing an individual on the basis of handwriting. This comparison and ensuing criticism have led to the debate on whether handwriting should be considered a criteria to decide marks of any student.
Let us discuss and understand the role of handwriting in a student's life and it's importance for awarding marks in exams -
Handwriting is neccessary for students' marks in exams:
Handwriting is a beautiful art. It is not only about putting letters on paper but it also indicates how organised and methodical a person is.
Good handwriting is important even in this era of computer typing and talking writing tools. We should start focusing on handwriting from an early age itself; say 4 or 5 years (Preschool and Kindergarten). It will help the young hands to gather control of their motor skills and also devise their unique writing styles which will develop as they grow up thus adding to their personalities.
When we write, it creates an invisible yet very strong connection between the brain and content, thus giving us a much better and intense understanding of the matter.
A good handwriting always attracts attention and appreciation, and subconsciously helps in studies as well. Many types of research have shown that there is a constructive association between good handwriting and better academic performances. Scientists have attributed this phenomenon to the fact that writing using pen and paper enhances memory hence adding up to the remembrance which is vital at the time of tests and exams.
(Writer is a Retired Principal & Educationist. Views expressed are personal)

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