Bandgee Kallra shares details about facing ‘horrible’ case of pet abuse, personal attack and suspected fraud


Model-actor Bandgee Kallra had a harrowing experience of pet abuse, personal attack and a suspected case of fraud during her latest Delhi visit.
The 31-year-old opened up with us about how a senior lady threatened to get physical with her when the TV star was taking her 5-year-old Pomeranian dog for a stroll during afternoon on February 19.
“I was just walking my pet in Sainik Farms. Suddenly a lady shouted at me ‘isko yahan se le jaao’. She threw a chappal at my dog’s face and started abusing me. She went inside her house, got a wiper to hit both me and my pet,” Kallra shared.
According to her the lady continued to keep the wiper pointing at Kallra’s face. Sadly, there were so many onlookers but nobody came forward to help. Kallra said she could guess the lady’s motive was to get a reaction from the ex-Bigg Boss 11 contestant. “I was so taken aback about what just happened!” Kallra added.
She said the “fishy” part was the lady’s house had nine cameras. “I called the police and the PETA. The lady told them she had so may cameras to stop people from having their pet litter. But the police instead asked me to forget the incident because an old lady was involved,” Kallra shared her frustration.
What she found suspicious was a board outside the lady’s house that read “FTV school”. “I don’t know if it’s still running, but it definitely looked fishy.” While Kallra suspects the family was used to extracting money from people through such incidents, she was certain the abusers used the old lady as a trump card this time. “The lady’s daughter-in-law said ‘koi baat nahi hum inke against case bana denge ki yeh hamein maarne aaye the,” Kallra shared. The model is now looking for ways to share the full incident on her social media handles, after hinting that she faced something “horrible” in her Instagram stories. Kallra said she feels appalled at the number of animal abuse cases that happen regularly, hence thinks it is the need of the hour to use her public image to create awareness.

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