Azad launches election campaign from Ancestral village in south Kashmir

My focus development, others only exploit people


Srinagar, Apr 21: Chairman DPAP Ghulam Nabi Azad launched his election campaign for the Anantnag-Rajouri-Poonch seat from his ancestral village Nagam, Kokernag. Reflecting on the importance of roots, Azad emphasized the significance of never forgetting where we come from. He expressed joy in visiting Nagam, noting that many years ago, most of the people who now reside in the Chenab Valley migrated from South Kashmir.
Despite the distance, they have retained a strong connection to their roots. He highlighted the resilience of our shared culture, where love and affection continue to thrive despite the geographical divide. Azad pledged that, once elected Chief Minister, he would prioritize constructing a tunnel to bridge the gap and improve connectivity between the Chenab Valley and South Kashmir, ensuring easier access for both regions. He said, "People of our Chenab Valley maintain a strong bond with South Kashmir, as many migrated from there. However, our roots remain firmly planted here. We are committed to developing both regions and fostering connectivity between them."
Azad slammed both the parties NC & PDP for perpetuating division and exploiting the people with empty slogans. Azad emphasized the urgent need to shift the political discourse towards tangible progress and unity. "Enough is enough," declared Azad, "We cannot allow ourselves to be divided and deceived any longer. Both parties have prioritized their own agendas over the needs of the people, manipulating sentiments for personal gain."
He outlined a clear vision, stating, "My agenda is straightforward: development, employment, and peace. These are not mere slogans but the pillars upon which a prosperous society is built. It's time to move beyond rhetoric and focus on real solutions that uplift every citizen." Together, we can reject the politics of division and embrace a path of progress that benefits every individual, regardless of background or affiliation. He slammed political leaders for seeking votes in South Kashmir while failing to deliver tangible benefits to the people. He questioned their track record of governance and highlighted his own efforts in the region, including the establishment of a medical college, construction of roads, schools, and hospitals. "It's time to hold our leaders accountable," asserted Azad.
"Many are vying for votes in South Kashmir, but what have they truly accomplished for the people? I've personally invested in this region, establishing vital infrastructure and institutions that directly benefit the people." "Actions speak louder than words," he remarked. "While some leaders merely exploit voters with empty promises, I've delivered concrete results that improve the quality of life for residents in South Kashmir." Azad reaffirmed his dedication to addressing the pressing issues facing the region. "My record speaks for itself," he declared. "I stand for transparent governance, inclusive development, and empowering every citizen to thrive." Among others who were present there include, Gen Secretary Ch Haroon Khatana, Spokesperson Adv Saleem Parray & Salman Nizami Chief Spokesperson.

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