INDIA bloc leaders scared of Pakistan’s nuclear power, will make that country wear bangles: Modi

PM holds mega roadshow on the eve of nomination


VARANASI, May 13: Prime Minister Narendra Modi held an extravagant roadshow in Varanasi on Monday ahead of filing his nomination papers from this Lok Sabha seat on Tuesday.
At the outset of the roadshow, the Prime Minister garlanded the statue of Madan Mohan Malviya. Subsequently, he rode the Vijay Rath along with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and BJP state president Chaudhary Bhupendra Singh.
The Modi-Yogi synergy captivated the entire city of Varanasi. Amidst chants of 'Har Har Mahadev' and 'Jai Shree Ram', the locals extended an unforgettable welcome, expressing their unwavering support for BJP.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi started his roadshow by garlanding the statue of Mahamana Madan Mohan Malviya at the Singh Dwar of Kashi Hindu University at 5 pm. After more than two and a half hours, the roadshow concluded upon reaching Kashi Vishwanath Dham.
The entire route of the roadshow offered glimpses of the diverse cultural landscape of India and Uttar Pradesh. Spanning five kilometres, the event featured artists displaying their talents through various forms, including blowing conch shells, playing damru, depicting Ram Darbar on erected stages along the route, and portraying the form of Shiv Parivar.
The community warmly welcomed Prime Minister Modi, while the dance and cultural performances by approximately 100 artistes on the stages were truly enchanting.
As the roadshow commenced, the air resonated with the chanting of mantras by students from Panini Girls College. The roadshow also demonstrated women power, who moved ahead of the Vikas Rath.
Scores of people thronged the entire route of the roadshow to greet the PM and the CM. Flower petals were showered on the PM, the CM and the Vikas Rath by men and woman from rooftops throughout the roadshow.
Whether from the majority or minority communities, everyone eagerly awaited a glimpse of the dynamic duo, Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath, known for their transformative efforts. The leaders reciprocated the warmth by extending greetings to the entire populace of Kashi, through handshakes and folded handed.
The Prime Minister will file his nomination on Tuesday in the presence of several CMs of NDA ruled states, union ministers as well as party leaders.
In a heartfelt display of sentiment during the roadshow, thousands of individuals were spotted wearing attire emblazoned with 'Modi ka Parivar' ('Modi's Family') while expressing their adoration for the Prime Minister through chants of 'Hamar Kashi-Hamar Modi' ('Our Kashi-Our Modi').
On both sides of the road, children, women, youth, and elderly individuals welcomed Modi by showering flowers from the rooftops of their homes.
The entire city of Kashi was awash in saffron hues during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's roadshow. Prime Minister Modi himself donned a saffron-colored kurta, while Yogi Adityanath stood beside him, adorned in saffron attire. They rode together in a saffron-themed Vijay Rath adorned with a garland of yellow marigolds.
Throughout the roadshow, women were dressed in saffron attire, while men donned saffron turbans, caps, and handkerchiefs. The streets of Kashi were lined with saffron decorations and BJP flags as far as the eye could see. The sight of saffron balloons and clothing added a unique ambiance to the event. Modi even adopted the Kashi style, wearing a handkerchief around his neck.
The roadshow kicked off from the Singh Gate of Kashi Hindu University at 5 pm, winding its way through Assi, Sonarpura, Bengali Tola, Madanpura, Jangam Bari, Godaulia, and Bansfatak before reaching the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor.
A multitude of people, numbering in the lakhs, participated in the roadshow, which extended for over two and a half hours. Throughout this duration, cutouts of Narendra Modi were prominently displayed along the route. Along the route, both the old and new facets of Kashi's development were showcased.
The Prime Minister's roadshow ended after reaching Kashi Vishwanath Dham. Here, the PM worshiped at Kashi Vishwanath temple and took blessings of Baba. After the puja, the Prime Minister greeted the devotees present.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi also attacked the opposition INDIA bloc, calling its leaders "cowards" who were "scared of Pakistan’s nuclear power" and asserted that India would make the neighbouring country wear bangles if it was not wearing any.
Addressing three back-to-back rallies in Bihar’s Hajipur, Muzaffarpur and Saran Lok Sabha constituencies, Modi made an apparent reference to a recent statement of National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah that Pakistan has atom bombs and was not wearing bangles.
"The INDIA bloc has leaders who are scared of Pakistan and have nightmares of its nuclear power...They (leaders) say that Pakistan is not wearing bangles, we will make that country wear bangles. Now they (Pakistan) need 'atta' (flour). They also don't have electricity. I didn't know that they do not even have an adequate supply of bangles," the PM asserted while taking a jibe at the opposition leaders.
"We must look carefully at the opposition that seems to be full of cowards and timid people. Some give a clean chit to Pakistan on terrorism and others raise doubts on surgical strikes…Their Left allies even want our nuclear arsenal to be dismantled," he said.
Modi also claimed that the INDIA bloc had worked out a formula, which would allow five of its leaders, if the coalition came to power, to enjoy a year of premiership each.
"Just imagine what type of a mess we would get to see if the bloc’s plan to have a different PM, every year, for five years, succeeds. However, they are a motley group that is bound to fail," he said.
"The current elections are for having a government that will give a further boost to the standing and clout enjoyed by the country," the PM said.
Modi also said the money recovered in raids against politicians "belonged to the country’s poor".
"I will tell you why they are crying hoarse against the actions of agencies like the ED. During the previous Congress regime, the ED seized only Rs 35 lakh, which could be contained in a school bag. Ever since we took over, the agency has recovered Rs 2,200 crore, which would require 70 small trucks to be carried," said Modi.
The Prime Minister said unlike his opponents, who were concerned about promoting their children, "I have no 'waaris' (successor). The common people are my waaris".
He reiterated the charge that parties like the Congress and RJD will "give away reservations" to Muslims "to pursue their vote bank politics", but added that as long as "I am alive, I will not let this happen".
"Kidnapping and extortion flourished during the RJD rule in Bihar... NDA fights for social justice, 60 per cent Union ministers from OBC/SC/ST categories," he asserted.
"It has been several days since I challenged the Congress-led opposition to give it in writing that it will not give reservations on religious lines. They are yet to respond," Modi said.
The PM also alleged that the opposition had plans to impose the "inheritance tax" but "Modi would stand like a wall in their way, thwarting attempts to rob people of their wealth".
He accused the opposition parties of "deliberately hurting people’s sentiments by making obnoxious statements about the Ram temple in Ayodhya".
Targeting RJD leaders Lalu Prasad and his son and heir apparent Tejashwi Yadav, mentioning neither by name, Modi referred to the fodder scam, the "land for jobs scam" and "attempts to take credit for work done by our ally (Chief Minister and JD(U) president) Nitish Kumar".
Speaking on a day when the fourth phase of the Lok Sabha elections was underway, he urged the people to turn out in large numbers and vote for the NDA to enable the formation of a strong government.
During his election rallies, Modi also touched upon his government’s track record on development, citing the construction of highways at a rapid rate and underscoring commitment to social justice and empowerment, while accusing the opposition of trying to put hurdles in the way of measures like women’s reservations.
Ahead of the rallies, the Prime Minister visited Takhat Sri Harimandir Ji Patna Sahib in Patna City. Wearing a Sikh turban, he bowed his head in Darbar Sahib and also served 'langar' (food) to devotees at the Gurdwara.
"Prayed at Takhat Sri Harimandir Ji Patna Sahib this morning. Felt truly blessed to experience divinity, serenity and rich history of this sacred place. This Gurudwara has a close link with Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Our Government had the honour of marking his 350th Parkash Utsav in a grand manner. May the teachings of the Sikh Gurus continue to inspire and guide us all," PM wrote in a post on X.
"Sikhism is rooted in the principles of equality, justice and compassion. Central to Sikhism is seva. This morning in Patna, I also had the honour of taking part in seva as well. It was a very humbling and special experience," PM said.

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