DPS Udhampur honors winners of UNISON 6.O- Debating Fest


Udhampur, Jul 8: "Delhi Public School Udhampur recently wrapped up Unison 6.0, a two-day debating extravaganza that was all about fostering a culture of constructive dialogue, creative problem-solving, and mut-ual respect. The event was a resounding success, with students showcasing their critical thinking, effective communication and teamwork skills.
The closing ceremony was a vibrant celebration, featuring a scintillating school band performance, a Bollywood bonanza, and a Western burlesque that left the audience spellbound. The dignitaries present, including Dr. J.C. Gupta Pro Vice Chairman DPS Udhampur was the Chief Guest .Mr. Vivek Gupta, MD DPSU & Ms. Sucheta Gupta, Director Academics were the Guest of Honor. Dr. Kunal Anand Principal DPSU and Mr. Guneet Singh, Founder of Kitab & Kalam NGO were Special Invitees. The dignitaries were all praises for the participants.
The winners of Unison 6.0 were announced, and the categories included Conventional, Bilingual Turncoat, Best Panel, and more. The festival was a fantastic opportunity for young minds to shine, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for these talented debaters!"
Propitious Principal of the School, Dr. Kunal Anand, mentioned, in his opinion that one needs to be vocal to face the challenges of life. A child sho-uld know how to give vent to his thoughts logically. It is the need of the hour. As the world changing at the faster pace, so there is a need to shift focus to such platforms where kids can be trained to deal with future goals.
Mr. Guneet Singh, Founder of Kalam and Kitab was invited as Special Guest and Judge for the day. Mr Praneel Gupta & Mr Sarthal Sharma both Alumni for DPSU were other Judges.
The winners of Unison 6.0 were announced during the closing ceremony for all the categories by dignitaries present there.
Winners in Conven-tional Debate category were, Ms. Priyanshi from class X First, Ms. Adeep Kour (XI) 2nd Ms. Manika Consolation.
Winners of Bilingual Turncoat: Debate Catego-ry, Sanchi First, Avantika 2nd & Tanishka: Consolation.
Best Panel award was given to the panelist of the topic "Obsession with Medical and Engineering stream in Indian Society"
The delegates of various committee were also awarded:
In the Loksabha, the award for Verbal mention: Rahul Gandhi (Ujjwal Dogra), Special mention: Narendra Modi (Devisha) Honorary Mention: Ajay Maken (Naman Sharma) Promising Delegate: Asad-uddin Owaisi (Aryan Jam-wal) Best Delegate: S. Jai-shanker (Anshit Sharma).
In the committee of IPC - Verbal Mention: Christine Asse (Divyanshi Gulati), Special Mention: Andre Kondrashov (Ananya), Honorary Mention: Palki Sharma, Promising Deleg-ate: Glenn Beck, Best Dele-gate: Sudhir Chowdhary.
In the UNSC committee - Verbal Mention: UAE, Sp-ecial mention: USA, Hono-rary Mention: Pakistan, Pr-omising Delegate: Ukraine.
Best Delegate: China - The festival aimed to foster a culture of constructive dialogue, creative problem-solving, & mutual respect among participants.

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